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Machine Applications

Diversified Precision Parts Manufacturing for Industries Everywhere!
Lathes developed by Ming Yang are able to machine many different materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, and are ideal for the 3C, automotive, bicycle, electronics, general machinery, and hardware industries. Ming Yang lathes are very versatile so they are well suited to produce precision parts for a wide number of industrial applications.

With our comprehensive range of leading CNC turning machines and lathes, we aim to help customers make even the most complex designs into a reality. Our selection of machines are well suited for the production of complex parts and intricate components. Thanks to a wide range of available automated equipment, fast and efficient unmanned operation is possible, boosting productivity and operational efficiency. So, regardless of what industry you require precision products for or how diversified the range of components need to be, Ming Yang’s expert machining solutions are the answer.