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Sincere and Dependable Business with Lasting Quality
Ming Yang Machinery Company was established in 1985 and specializes in manufacturing automatic lathes, CNC lathes, gang tool type CNC lathes, and CNC turning centers. Our machines offer superior precision, super stable operations and reliable production. Ming Yang is recognized throughout the industry as one of the most capable manufacturers of production lathes and all our machines are manufactured to the highest precision and quality.

We spare no expense in order to provide you with the most efficient and profitable production machinery solutions available, engineered to meet your exact requirements. We constantly strive for perfection, always looking for any means by which to improve R&D, production, QC, and delivery - Our goal is to maximize efficiency at every stage in the production chain.
Facing the ever evolving global economy from our current market position we have implemented a policy of innovative product research and development. Top of the line technology and strict quality control have ensured that all our products have been both ISO9001 and CE certified. Furthermore MYLAS (Ming Yang) machines have earned an excellent reputation and global trust for their high performance, extreme precision, and excellent reliability. All our products have been well received by customers in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam just to name a few. In addition to improving service in existing markets, we are making steady progress throughout Europe and the Americas. For this reason, one of our most important goals is to develop a highly sustainable business.