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Professional and Prompt Service
An outstanding team with exceptional service can only be achieved through hard work and professional development. Ming Yang believes 100% in the power of self-management and personal authority. Through this we have cultivated an attitude of positivity and respect, and a system focused on quality and efficiency. When it comes to after sales service, we always provide efficient maintenance and repairs in order to solve any production line problems. Our main goal is to assist you in realizing your production line goals in any way that we can.
At Ming Yang our philosophy is to provide each department with enough space and autonomy but still have a well integrated system where they all can depend on each other. We have also developed in-house training and development programs to offer staff the professional support necessary to help them perform well. These programs coupled with our self-management systems have led to rapid improvements in the professionalism and quality of our service team. With this in mind our goal is to provide high quality and long term service to all of our customers. MING YANG MACHINERY CO., LTD.